WIND turbines - Building a strong Tower

Spaghetti Marshmallow Challenge

WALT: To practice several design thinking mindsets: Collaboration, Test and Iterate.

We will prototype using cheap and easy-to-find materials.
Why? Because if you build something made out of expensive materials, put a ton of work into it, and then take it to the testing phase you are less likely to accept the constructive feedback and change, or iterate, your design.
In groups of four, build the tallest freestanding tower you can in 20 minutes using only
  • 20 sticks of spaghetti 
  • two metres of tape  
  • six marshmallows

○ What was the hardest part of this challenge? Easiest? What have you learned?
○ Why is testing so important? What would you do differently if you had the chance to rebuild the tower?

Things to think about
Iteration- building and creating, then testing!
To be a successful designer you must be able to take feedback, see it as a gift use the feedback to better your design. Take risks, be creative, try new things, etc.
Many people spend most of their time planning and very little time testing. When you work this way, you risk your prototype failing too late to make needed changes.


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